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Jin grew up in the chaos of early communist China. He was on a scholarship at Brandeis University when the Tiananmen incident occurred. The Chinese government's forcible put-down hastened his decision to emigrate to the United States, and was the cause of his choice to write in English "to preserve the integrity of his work.

Jin sets many of his stories and novels in China, in the fictional Muji City. Doctorow who are the only other authors to have won the prize more than once. War Trash was also a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize.

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  7. Jin currently teaches at Boston University in Boston , Massachusetts. He formerly taught at Emory University in Atlanta , Georgia. He was inducted to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Chinese alpine skier, see Jin Xuefei alpine skier. This is a Chinese name ; the family name is Jin and Ha is a generation name. Poetry portal.

    National Book Foundation. Retrieved With acceptance speech by Jin and essay by Ru Freeman from the Awards year anniversary blog.

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    The New York Times. Homosexuality had continued to flourish in China, even to the point of there being religious cults revolving around gay sex, lesbian nunneries, and works of homoerotic poetry and literature. By the late 19th century, however, the imperial government that ruled China for thousands of years had weakened and European powers gained supremacy in the country. The old ways were soon forgotten as western science and religion became more and more prevalent in the country. In , the communist party gained control over the Chinese government.

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    Although they removed the religious overtones brought on by Christian missionaries a century earlier, antigay policies remained strong. The doctor who was overseeing his therapy suggested this because it was the least severe treatment for people with his condition. In the years following the end of the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese government would come to realize the exact same thing and slowly began to stray from the laws against people of the gay community.

    By , all laws against homosexuality had completely been lifted throughout the country. This societal advancement, however, Could not come to be without going through a few obstacles. It sparked an intense debate among Chinese psychiatrists. In the end, the reformists won the debate and by , China had removed homosexuality from its list of psychiatric disorders.


    Most Chinese gays live in the urban areas of the country, where tolerance towards homosexuality is quite high. There they are free to socialize and interact with other homosexuals as they please. The views towards gays in the rural parts of China, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Most gays who live in rural china are likely to be living in seclusion from people who are not willing to accept them. Another pressure that gay men in china face is that for economic, social, and cultural reasons, they are required to wed and raise families, regardless of their sexual preference.

    Parents of homosexuals, however, seem to have different attitudes regarding this matter. Some are brokenhearted by the notion that they will never have grandchildren, while others are more concerned that their gay sons will have unhappy lives if they do not have children.

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    In the case of brokenhearted parents, there have even sometimes been reports of attempted suicide. From what Baowen tells her, it is likely that his mother might qualify as one of the parents of homosexual men who would be deeply brokenhearted by not having grandchildren. Women who marry to gay men, however, seem to feel more distressed by this issue because they know that their husbands do not love them.

    Most of these women claim to feel very unhappy about being trapped in loveless marriages to men who are not attracted to them.

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    Some have formed unions and support groups to try and cope with their situations. Tongqi brides typically have little sexual experience before marriage, and little knowledge of homosexuality. This, however, is why support groups like Pink Space exist. Many women who join such groups start to feel greatly relieved by discussing what troubles them with fellow tongqi.

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    Some members, upon attending numerous group sessions, feel confident enough to have a divorce filed.