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These costs are directly associated with the number of units produced, and these are recurring in nature, since they have to be paid periodically. As the business produces more and more goods and services, these costs increase proportional. These costs usually include material, labor, direct sales and promotion, storage etc.

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Revenue is the money that a business actually receives from its customers for the provisions of goods and services during a particular period. Discounts and deductions have already been adjusted, which means it is the gross income from which various costs are later deducted in order to calculate profit or loss.


Total revenue can be calculated by multiplying the price at which goods or services are sold by number units sold. Contribution margin can be calculated by subtracting variable expenses from the revenues. It can be expressed on per unit basis or for the total amount. It can also be expressed as a percentage of net sales.

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Break-even point is usually calculated in units, which gives the company the number of units it must produce in order to break-even. It can be calculated by dividing contribution margin by total fixed costs:. In the previous example, the break-even point was calculated in terms of number of units. Break-even point can also be calculated in sales value Dollars. Contribution margin, when expressed as percentage of sales is called contribution margin ratio. Calculate contribution margin, total contribution margin and contribution margin ratio using the following information:.

Anything beyond this point will constitute as profit, and if the company falls short of this amount, the difference would be loss incurred.

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Break-even analysis is widely used to determine the number of units the business needs to sell in order to avoid losses. This calculation requires the business to determine selling price, variable costs and fixed costs. Once these numbers are determined, it is fairly easy to calculate break-even point in units or sales value. Break-even charts and calculation be used for budgeting process, since the business know exactly how many units need to be sold in order to break-even.

Moreover, the company is also aware of the profits the company will be able to earn at various points, which can be easily illustrated on a simple break-even chart. This can help business set realistic, achievable targets for itself.

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Break-even analysis also helps to motivate the employees, especially the sales staff, since it clearly shows the profits at various points of sales. The chart clearly shows the impact extra sales would have on the profitability of the company. Margin of safety is a tool which complements break-even analysis, since these two tool are interrelated. This concept is used when a major proportion of sales are likely to decline or in period of recession or economic turn down.

Managers can better make better production and sales decision if they know the margin of safety for a particular product or service. When the margin of safety is large, the business would want to try new pricing, marketing and take risks hoping to further increase sales and revenues. On the other hand, if the margin of safety is meager, managers are likely not to change anything, since any small change could trigger losses.

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In such a situation managers would want to reduce costs, so that margin of safety can be increased. The concept of margin of safety might not be useful for businesses with seasonal demand for their products or services, since there will be a lot of variations on monthly basis. The result could be complied for an entire year, so that seasonal fluctuations are removed. Margin of safety can be calculated by subtracting the current break-even point from current sales, and dividing by current level of sales.

If the company wishes to calculate margin of safety for a budgeted, future period, it can replace the current sales level with budgeted sales level. For example, a business considering expanding its factory. The table below shows how the concept of margin of safety can be employed to assess various situations:. The above example shows how an improvement in actual sales improved margin of safety for the business as the sales improved. Since costs Fixed and Variable affect the profitability of the business directly, the managers can easily see these changes through break-even analysis.

This would help them control costs, and make sure that they remain within a given range. Selling price is an important determinant of break-even analysis. If managers have access to break-eve charts, they will be able to see the impact, changes in selling price has on the overall profitability. Hence, this tool provides more information for the mangers to make better pricing decision, considering the supply-side of the production process. Join s of fellow Business teachers and students all getting the tutor2u Business team's latest resources and support delivered fresh in their inbox every morning.

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Cart Account Log in Sign up. Business Explore Business Search Go. Business Reference library. Break-even analysis is a practical and popular tool for many businesses, including start-ups. However, you also need to know about the limitations of the method. Strengths of breakeven analysis Focuses entrepreneur on how long it will take before a start-up reaches profitability — i.

Most businesses sell more than one product, so break-even for the business becomes harder to calculate Break-even analysis should be seen as a planning aid rather than a decision-making tool. Subscribe to email updates from tutor2u Business Join s of fellow Business teachers and students all getting the tutor2u Business team's latest resources and support delivered fresh in their inbox every morning.

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Analyzing Cost Allocation and Performing a Break-Even Analysis Report

Contribution Revision quizzes. By inserting different prices into the formula, you will obtain a number of break-even points, one for each possible price charged. To make the results clearer, they can be graphed. To do this, draw the total cost curve TC in the diagram , which shows the total cost associated with each possible level of output, the fixed cost curve FC which shows the costs that do not vary with output level, and finally the various total revenue lines R1, R2, and R3 , which show the total amount of revenue received at each output level, given the price you will be charging. The break-even quantity at each selling price can be read off the horizontal axis and the break-even price at each selling price can be read off the vertical axis.

The total cost, total revenue, and fixed cost curves can each be constructed with simple formula. For example, the total revenue curve is simply the product of selling price times quantity for each output quantity. The data used in these formula come either from accounting records or from various estimation techniques such as regression analysis.

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