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Facebook Instagram Twitter. Sign In Register Help Cart 0. Cart 0 items. Toggle navigation. Optimism By Keller, Helen. Brighton, Sussex: Moon's Society, First Edition. Helen Keller's essay rendered into Moon's type, an embossed alphabet and reading system for the blind. Invented by the Englishman Dr. William Moon in , after he went blind as the result of an illness at the age of 21, this system is primarily seen as most useful to others who lost their sight after learning to read in the conventional way.

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This printing was commissioned by J. Pereles of the Wisconsin Free Library Commission, in his wife's name on the occasion of her birthday anniversary, May 22nd; the commission's name is embossed on the "Alphabet page" at the front end. Moon's Society, ; no additional printings indicated; folio in landscape orientation, Sturdily sewn binding remains fully intact; embossed characters remain clean and firmly raised; moderate amount of wear at edges and corners of boards, title plate age-toned and rubbed due to curving of spine but whole; some fraying and small closed tears at page edges.

A very scarce edition of a work by one of the most fascinating Americans of the 20th century--blind, deaf, or otherwise. From a private collection. Ships from Dinkytown in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Standard Publications, Inc, Optimism Helen Keller Ships with Tracking Number!

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Culture Content 101 - Book Review: Optimism by Helen Keller

Antique look with Golden Leaf Printing and embossing with round Spine completely handmade binding extra customization on request like Color Leather, Colored book, special gold leaf printing etc. Reprinted in with the help of original edition published long back []. As these are old books, we processed each page manually and make them readable but in some cases some pages which are blur or missing or black spots. If it is multi volume set, then it is only single volume, if you wish to order a specific or all the volumes you may contact us.

We expect that you will understand our compulsion in these books. We found this book important for the readers who want to know more about our old treasure in old look so we brought it back to the shelves.


Hope you will like it and give your comments and suggestions. Lang: - eng, Pages Normal Hardbound Edition is also available on request. Optimism : an essay. Optimism Helen Keller T. Crowell and Company. Collectible - Very Good. New York: T. Crowell and Company, The outward world justifies my inward universe of good. All through theyears I have spent in college, my reading has been a continuous discovery of good. In literature,philosophy, religion and history I find the mighty witnesses to my faith. Philosophy is the history of a deaf-blind person writ large. From the talks of Socrates up throughPlato,[26] Berkeley and Kant, philosophy records the efforts of human intelligence to be free ofthe clogging material world and fly forth into a universe of pure idea.

Optimism: An Essay.

These things which you see and hear and touchare not the reality of realities, but imperfect manifestations of the Idea, the Principle, theSpiritual; the Idea is the truth, the rest is delusion. If this be so, my brethren who enjoy the fullest use of the senses are not aware of any realitywhich may not equally well be in reach of my mind. Philosophy gives to the mind theprerogative of seeing truth, and bears us into a realm where I, who am blind, am not differentfrom you who see. It seemed to me that philosophy had been written for my special consolation,whereby I get even with some modern philosophers who apparently think that I was intended asan experimental case for their special instruction!

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  7. But in a little measure my small voice ofindividual experience does join in the declaration of philosophy that the good is the only world,and that world is a world of spirit. It is also a universe where order is All, where an unbroken 8. Augustine held, is delusion, and therefore is not.

    Review of "Optimism" by Helen Keller from the Springfield, Massachusetts Republican March 31,

    They were seldom of the world, even when like Plato and Leibnitz theymoved in its courts and drawing-rooms. To the tumult of life they were deaf, and they were blindto its distraction and perplexing diversities. Sitting alone, but not in darkness, they learned to findeverything in themselves, and failing to find it even there, they still trusted in meeting the truthface to face when they should leave the earth behind and become partakers in the wisdom ofGod. The great mystics lived alone, deaf and blind, but dwelling with God. I understand how it was possible for Spinoza to find deep and sustained happiness when he wasexcommunicated, poor, despised and suspected alike by Jew and Christian;[29] not that the kindworld of men ever treated me so, but that his isolation from the universe of sensuous joys issomewhat analogous to mine.

    He loved the good for its own sake. Like many great spirits heaccepted his place in the world, and confided himself childlike to a higher power, believing thatit worked through his hands and predominated in his being. He trusted implicitly, and that iswhat I do. Theconfidence and trust which these conceptions inspire teach me to rest safe in my life as in a fate,and protect me from spectral doubts and fears.

    Verily, blessed are ye that have not seen, and yethave believed. To know[31] the history of philosophy is to know that the highest thinkers of the ages,the seers of the tribes and the nations, have been optimists. Outside lies that great mass ofevents which we call History.

    As I look on this mass, I see it take form and shape itself in theways of God. The history of man is an epic of progress. In the world within and the worldwithout I see a wonderful correspondence, a glorious symbolism which reveals the human andthe divine communing together, the lesson of philosophy repeated in fact. In all the parts thatcompose the history of mankind hides the spirit of good, and gives meaning to the whole. Far back in the twilight of history I see the savage fleeing from the forces of nature which he hasnot learned to control, and seeking[32] to propitiate supernatural beings which are but the 9.

    With a shift of imagination I see the savage emancipated,civilized. He no longer worships the grim deities of ignorance. Through suffering he has learnedto build a roof over his head, to defend his life and his home, and over his state he has erected atemple in which he worships the joyous gods of light and song. From suffering he has learnedjustice; from the struggle with his fellows he has learned the distinction between right and wrongwhich makes him a moral being. He is gifted with the genius of Greece.

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    But Greece was not perfect. Her poetical and religious ideals were far above her practice;therefore she died, that her ideals might survive to ennoble coming ages. Rome, too, left the world a rich inheritance. But when the stern, frugalcharacter of her people ceased to be the bone and sinew of her civilization, Rome fell. Then came the new nations of the North and founded a more permanent society. He wrought a state out of tribal kinship and fostered an independence and self-reliance which no oppression could destroy.