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Very impressive! Students will find a wealth of online links and resources to help them learn the facts about the symptoms, causes, and treatment of bipolar disorder. By learning more about bipolar disorder and sharing that knowledge with others, a student can become an agent of change who helps to erase the stigma associated with mental illness.

Powerful, indeed! For more information on bipolar disorder, click here. Information about contest rules and guidelines is HERE.

IBPF High School Essay Contest

Essays must be submitted to the International Bipolar Foundation by May 1. Have any questions? Then send a mail to hzupin ibpf. If you republish this on your website, please provide a link to this post.

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  • About Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin Writer. Their webinars are timely and cover the depth n breath of this illness.

    We believe in data transparency.

    The international nature is so meaningful. It debunks the notion that this is a made up illness to benefit big pharma. It also provides culturally sensitive information.

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    • Share this review: Flag review. I stumbled across their site over a year ago and found my home for education and inspiration. I was still struggling with addiction and recovering from a drug induced mania, joblessness, criminal charges and hopelessness. IBPF provided an educational tool and an outlet to share my experience, strength and hope. I can't remember how long I have been diagnosed with this BiPolar 1 disorder but it has traumatized me throughout my life. The Highs and Lows, three failed marriages, financial losses, many jobs have all taken their toll on my soul.

      I am currently under psychiatric care and receiving group counseling through an outpatient program from a hospital. Their professionalism and dedication to help others is above and beyond the call of duty. I love receiving their newsletter and listening to their webinars. Praise God for their dedication to removing the stigma associated with this disorder. Christina Rossetti. I have bipolar II and been struggling with this from several years undiagnosed.

      It's been only one year since diagnosed but I've learned here the most I know about my mental illness, Im still struggling but I feel there is a resilience possibility that I didn't imagine before. I have bipolar 1 and have struggled with this for two years.

      International Bipolar Foundation High School Essay Contest

      Prior to that I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder after the birth of my son. The International Bipolar Foundation Foundation and it's webinars have been a source of great information for me. Thank you. Rating: 4. I'm early onset rapid cycling bipolar with multiple OCD. I have bipolar II and have had episodes of depression throughout my adult life.

      International Bipolar Foundation Essay Contest

      It was only diagnosed though three years ago. I love the webinars that the International Bipolar Foundation have almost every Wednesday. They are very educational. The site is full of good information and resources. It helps me be more informed both about my own condition, but also in ways I can support others. I am glad I found the site. I've been treatment resistant, and have embarked on a research journey for my wellbeing and seeking ways to amplify the limited effect medication has on me.

      I feel honored to be able to assist this organization, they bring much needed information, geared towards patients, loved ones, caretakers and the general community on an international scale.

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      Personally, I have helped them translate their "Healthy Living" manual to Spanish. They bring varied topics, from scientific research data, personal blogs, media articles, among others.

      Julie Fast: Relationships and Bipolar Disorder

      They also post motivational images, fostering positive feedback among the audience. Last, but not least, they actively monitor to answer any urgent concerns or questions asked. The International Bipolar Foundation is an excellent resource, not just an informational one, but also for those seeking support from like-minded individuals or fellow patients or caretakers. I have been diagnosed with bipolar for 31 years. Every day, IBF provides messages of hope and support, as well as cutting edge information - right to my phone via Facebook.

      Summer Writing Contest winners 2018

      I love IBF! I have had rapid cycling type 1 bipolar since I was 18 years old now I am 31 and this organization is full of both personal accounts of strength and hope, and medical research. There is something for everyone here. They are also understanding to my medical needs and that's great to help with someplace who is sensitive to my needs as well as being efficient. I am not only helping myself but helping others as well. I live in the UK and only discovered this charity recently when I was seeking help.

      I emailed them and always received a quick reply which was personal and always from the same member of staff. I am so grateful for their support and helping me be brave and be more open about my bipolar disorder. I am so supportive of their work and am beginning to join in as a volunteer to help in any way I can. I am so thankful I was able to find the IBF because it has helped not only me, being diagnosed with BiPolar little over a year, but it has also helped my marriage.

      Having information and resources to help my husband and family understand what is going on, makes it a bit easier on me as well. IBF Facebook page is one I follow closely. The articles and blogs are great and I'm proud to share the information with others. I have referred the site a few times. Thank you IBF!!!