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Although Facebook does not categorize language into such detail, it is important to be inclusive of all types of users. This made me think about 3 key user-centric questions from this Guy Ligertwood article. The information above is taken from late-night brainstorming and talking to friends. I decided the tone should be informative. I found this quote when I asked a friend what he might use the Language Settings for.

Bonus points if you can summarize that goal into a mission statement. This method acts as a guideline on how the content should be organized. From this Content model, I made a mini storyboard to humanize the reason behind each function. I always start by having a UX Writing Checklist.

Facebook Product Manager Interview: What to Expect and How to Prepare – InterviewSteps

UX Writing Checklist. Again, inspired by Guy Ligertwood , he states 4 things to remember when writing your copy.

To be successful your interface text needs to:. I made 2 copies to experiment with 2 different types of structure below. It should also give you a clear idea of the flow of instructions. Moreover, Facebook creates experience that is:. Not much differences between the two:. I gathered some friends to a coffee shop and asked each of them to navigate through the copy, which I placed side by side on my iPad.

I took notes of their feedback here:. After countless hours of research and analysis, I made the final design of how the Facebook Language Settings should look. So why does it matter? Could you come up with something similar to whip up a little excitement about your products or services? Never underestimate the power of free. Shutterfly is one of the market leaders in products that have been personalised with digital photography. You know, photobooks created from your best Instagram snaps and so on. To entice sales, Shutterfly came up with a promotion to offer a free personalised ceramic mug.

And the audience they chose to target? Mums with kids at home. The three-day campaign resulted in over 16, offers reclaimed. But crucially there were 8, additional purchases generated, resulting in an fold return on ad spend. After all, Facebook posts with pictures get 5. Keen to grow their Facebook audience and boost online sales at statebicycle.

Plan out your goal

One of the most popular is their weekly photo challenge, where State Bicycle Co. State Bicycle Co.

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These efforts have been richly rewarded. Since State Bicycle Co. Today, 12 per cent of State Bicycle Co. Even though many of the viewers knew all the rats would die, many still participated just because it was fun. Not only might this peak brand interest from people who hadn't thought that deeply about pest control, but interactivity can also help a video algorithmically. As more people comment, share, and react to a live video, there's more likelihood that it will get prioritized and displayed in the feeds of others. In , HubSpot's social media team embarked on an experiment where they pivoted their video goals from lead generation to audience engagement.

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Prior to this shift, HubSpot had regularly posted Facebook videos that were created to generate leads. As part of the new strategy, the team brainstormed a list of headlines and topics that they thought their social media audience would actually like, rather than just topics that would generate sales.

Along with this pivot, they also experimented with other video elements including video design, formatting, and size. Results: After they started to launch the audience-friendly videos, they saw monthly video views jump from 50, to 1 million in mid Creating content that caters to your fanbase's interests and the social platform it's posted on can be much more effective than content that seeks out leads. While videos with the pure goal of selling a product can fall flat with views and engagement, creative videos that intrigue and inform your audiences about a topic they relate to can be a much more effective way to gain and keep your audience.

Once the audience trusts you and consumes your content regularly, they might even trust and gain interest in your products. FoxNext Games, a video game company owned by 20th Century Fox, wanted to improve the level of app installs for one of its newest releases, Marvel Strike Force. While FoxNext had previously advertised other games with Facebook video ads, they wanted to test out the swipe-able photo carousel post format.

Each photo, designed like a playing card, highlighted a different element of the game. The add offered a call-to-action button that said "Install Now" and lead to the app store where it could be downloaded. FoxNext launched it on both Facebook and Instagram. To see if the carousel was more efficient than video campaigns, they compared two ads that advertised the same game with each format.

Takeaways If your product is visual, a carousel can be a great way to show off different elements of it. This case study also shows how designing ads around your audience's interest can help each post stand out to them. In this scenario, FoxNext needed to advertise a game about superheroes. They knew that their fanbase was interested in gaming, adventure, and comic books, so they created carousels that felt more like playing cards to expand on the game's visual narrative. In , Major Impact Media released a case study about a real-estate client that wanted to generate more leads.

Forget the Images: Long Facebook Ad Copy Works

Prior to working with Major Impact, the Minneapolis, Minnesota brokerage hired another firm to build out an online lead generation funnel that had garnered them no leads in the two months it was active. They turned to Major Impact looking for a process where they could regularly be generating online leads. As part of the lead generation process, the marketing and brokerage firms made a series of Facebook ads with the lead generation objective set.

Major Impact also helped the company build a CRM that could capture these leads as they came in. Each lead gave the company their name, email, and phone number. Although these results sound like a promising improvement, readers of this case study should keep in mind that no number of qualified leads or ROI was disclosed. While the study states that leads were gained, it's unclear which of them lead to actual sales -- if any.

This shows how Facebook ad targeting can be helpful when you're seeking out leads from a specific audience in a local area. The Minneapolis brokerage's original marketing and social media strategies weren't succeeding because they were looking for a very specific audience of prospective buyers in the immediate area. Ad targeting allowed their posts to be placed on the news feeds of people in the area who might be searching for real estate or have interests related to buying a home. This, in turn, might have caused them more success in gaining leads.

When the eyewear brand Hawkers partnered up with Spanish clothing brand El Ganso for a joint line of sunglasses, Hawkers' marketing team wanted to see which Facebook ad format would garner the most engagement.

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Between March and April of , they launched a combination of standard ads and collection ads on Facebook. While their standard ads had a photo, a caption and a call-to-action linking to their site, the collection ads offered a header image or video, followed by smaller images of sunglasses from the line underneath. Image from Digital Training Academy. The company also used Facebook's Audience Lookalike feature to target the ads their audiences and similar users in Spain.

This study shows how an ad that shows off different elements of your product or service could be more engaging to your audience. With collection ads, audiences can see a bunch of products as well as a main image or video about the sunglass line. With a standard single photo or video, the number of products you show might be limited.

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While some users might not respond well to one image or video, they might engage if they see a number of different products or styles they like. Femibion, a German family-planning brand owned by Merck Consumer Health, wanted to generate leads by offering audiences a free baby planning book called "Femibion BabyPlanung.

The campaign began with a cheeky series of carousel ads that featured tasteful pictures of "baby-making places," or locations where women might conceive a child. The later ads were a more standard format that displayed an image of the book and a call-to-action. When the first ads launched in December , they were targeted to female audiences in Germany. In , during the later stages of the campaign, the standard ads were retargeted to women who had previously interacted with the carousel ads.

With this strategy, people who already showed interest would see more ads for the free product offer. This could cause them to remember the offer or click when they saw it a second time. The company had also generated 10, leads and decreased their sample distribution cost by two times. This case study shows how a company successfully brought leads through the funnel. By targeting women in Germany for their first series of creative "baby-making" ads, they gained attention from a broad audience.

Then, by focusing their next round of ads on women who'd already shown some type of interest in their product, they reminded those audiences of the offer which may have enabled those people to convert to leads. In an effort to boost sales from its Latin American audiences, Samsung promoted the Argentina launch of the Galaxy S6 smartphone with a one-month Facebook campaign.